SOTO Extends Range Of Expedition Cooking Kit Available In UK

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SOTO Extends Range Of Expedition Cooking Kit Available In UK

Expedition stove and cookware brand SOTO has added to its range of lightweight kit available in the UK. New to the market are SOTO’s Thermolite Pot Set, River Pot and Navigator Frying Pan.

Designed for hot drinks, pasta, soups and stews, the Thermolite Pot Set weighs just 227g and consists of a 750ml lightweight hard anodized aluminium pot with a multi-functional lid. Fitting neatly inside are SOTO’s micro-lifter and a sprung pot handle/gripper, ideal to support the pot while heating and serving the contents.

Thermolite Pot Set stacked

The resin lid has a secure silicone seal, keeping food or drink warmer for longer, that can also be used as a strainer for pasta or as a flat base for a 100g fuel cartridge. The set comes with its own cozy/storage pouch. Handy for transport, its insulated properties also helps keep the pot’s contents warmer (or colder) for longer.

The River Pot is built for the most weight conscious lightweight campers . The aluminium pot with handle has a generous one litre volume so is able to carry both a SOTO Amicus Stove and a gas canister. The pot weighs only 118g and comes with a plastic lid (23g).

River Pot

The non-stick, 18cm diameter, aluminium Navigator Frying Pan is another lightweight option for backpackers and bikepackers that weighs only 110g. It’s a useful solo addition to the kit list that can be combined with the Navigator Cook Set (sold separately), onto which it fits neatly.

Navigator Frying Pan

The full range of SOTO products is available in the UK from NEW HEIGHTS and selected specialist retailers. Check out other international distributors HERE.

Main pic: Thermolite Pot Set

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