Salomon and Ciele Athletics Create Limited Edition Running Shoes

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Salomon and Ciele Athletics Create Limited Edition Running Shoes

SALOMON, a global leader in trail running, is back with another collaboration with Canadian running gear specialist Ciele Athletics to create quiet and clean limited edition versions of three Salomon running shoes from the brand’s Spring 2023 range.

The Glide Max TR trail shoe, the Aero Glide road running shoe and the Reelax MOC 6.0 recovery use abstract shapes and calming colours ‘to explore the feeling of nirvana that running creates when cruising through beautiful landscapes.’ The shoes feature Energy Foam and Fuze Surge technologies from Salomon.

“We tried to visually represent that headspace of the runner’s high. Distance Nirvana. That space where there’s a clarity, and not much else matters beyond the next step,” said Dan Marrett, Director for global marketing & business development at Ciele Athletics. “A full graphic felt like overkill and so Marco and I started with white space and then just enough graphic to point to the feeling. It’s clean and wearable and all the pieces are different but connected.”

The Glide Max TR x Ciele Athletics boasts earthy colours on the upper and the outsole that are reminiscent of the dry rocks and vegetation found on a run through the US desert.

The Aero Glide x Ciele Athletics is covered with blue and green tones with touches of yellow and pink. Together, the colours create a soothing visual effect akin to an early sunrise or a late sunset.

The two shoes are imprinted with the words, ‘perfect quietude. freedom. the higher happiness. never mind the pain’, describing ‘the special place and feeling one can find when running, which can’t be reached without putting in the effort.’ The Reelax MOC 6.0 x Ciele Athletics features abstract shapes with colours that might be found in a luscious green jungle or a dry desert.

“Continuing our collaboration with Ciele allows us to explore the similarities between trail and road running, combining Salomon’s knowledge of making great running shoes with Ciele’s creative and progressive ideas,” said Louis Bertrand, Marketing Specialist for Salomon road running. “This collaboration also extends to our recovery range to provide a full quiver for runners who want to run longer and look good doing so!”


Building off the successful high-stack Salomon Glide Max shoe, the Aero Glide x Ciele Athletics delivers maxed-out cushioning to rack up the miles. The midsole features Salomon’s Energy Foam technology which combines EVA and Olefin, absorbing shock and vibrations to create a super plush cushioning while still providing great bounce and energy return. The proven rocker geometry, called R.Camber, creates a quick transition every time a runner touches the ground. The upper, made with 32% recycled materials (by weight), keeps feet dry thanks to a lighter 3D open mesh. The soft padded tongue and collar combine to offer easy step-in and comfort.


The Glide Max Trail x Ciele Athletics is the softest, most cushioned trail shoe Salomon has ever made. It features a high-stack construction and Energy Foam midsole  similar to the Ultra-Glide but with even more foam for a plush feeling on every landing. On the outsole, the trustworthy All-Terrain Contagrip ensures grip on all surfaces. The rocker-shaped R.Camber geometry provides quick transitions and even more comfort. The fit of the Glide Max Trail is slightly wider than the Ultra-Glide to accommodate any type of foot.


A best friend of athletes for the past 16 years, the Reelax MOC 6.0 x Ciele Athletics slides offer before- and after-sport comfort to help with recovery. Version 6.0 provides incredible comfort with a softer and oversized EVA using Salomon’s Fuze Surge technology in the midsole, featuring 30% natural rubber to deliver more cushion and comfort.

This version also sits on a higher stack for increased comfort and uses a very breathable mesh on the upper for more breathability. The Contagrip outsole uses a reworked pattern of rubber insights, so they can be used for more than just recovery. The collapsible heel makes it super versatile with easy step-in and long-lasting comfort.

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