Robens Airbed Evolution Enhances Comfort And Insulation

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Robens Airbed Evolution Enhances Comfort And Insulation

2024 sees two new PFC-free hybrid airbed designs in the ROBENS line-up with both part of the new ROBENS SUSTAIN initiative. The HybridCore range offers two models. The HybridCore 80 and the wider 80 W offer a good insulation to weight ratio thanks to a reflective foil layer sandwiched between two layers of recycled polyester insulation.

The three-layer design ensures high efficiency for three-season use while preventing any rustling normally associated with foil blankets. The design uses horizontal baffles that adapt to the body for optimum support. Recycled, soft-on-skin polyester fabric is used for comfort and its light weight reduces weight and packed size.

A tough TPU coating keeps in the air while providing resilience to the rigours of outdoor life. Robens’ own Peak valve speeds up inflation and deflation – especially when used with an optional Robens Pump Sack or the new Conival 3in1 Pump – see below.

SilverCore 80

The SilverCore 80 model shares the same outer fabric and Peak Valve as the HybridCore but differs in the baffle construction and insulation to keep weight and packed size to a minimum, aided by the narrow profile at the legs. Insulation is provided by foil layers bonded to the inside of the airbed with multiple air chambers offering reliable support.

Besides rapid inflation/deflation speeds, the new Conival 3in1 Pump offers a light and powerbank for versatility and added value.

With a low 275g weight and compact 7.3cm x 4.8cm x 13.3cm size, the new Conival 3in1 Pump, made from ABS and stainless steel, is IPX4 water resistant to meet the rigours of outdoor life. It houses a 4000mAh lithium battery that can be recharged using the USB-C input or integral solar panel.

The battery can also charge devices via a USB-A output – USB to USB-C charging cable included; a power indicator light shows battery capacity and charge time. The primary air pump function has two modes: 300 litres per minute (l/min) at 0.65psi (4.5kpa) and 150l/min at 0.36psi (2.5kpa).

It comes with a Robens Valve Adaptor and five further nozzles to maximise applications across a range of inflatable products. The three light modes include high (150lm), medium (100lm), low (50lm) to suit varying needs.

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