Outdoor Brands Collaborate To Support Sustainability Initiative

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Outdoor Brands Collaborate To Support Sustainability Initiative

Making a significant move to create a more sustainable future, four drinkware brands have come together in a first-of-its-kind effort to identify opportunities and actions that will reduce carbon emissions across the supply chain. The primary goals are to move industry suppliers to 100% renewable electricity and to develop science-aligned emissions reduction targets for supplier facilities.

KLEAN KANTEEN, MIIR, STANLEY and YETI are participating in the Drinkware CoLab as part of OUTDOOR INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION’S CLIMATE ACTION CORPS, a climate-positive initiative that goes beyond net-zero emissions to create a positive overall carbon emission benefit.

These four leading brands and OIA’s Climate Action Corps spearheaded this collaboration to drive changes that will reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing, one of the largest components of the environmental footprint of food and beverage containers.

Terence Reilly, Global President of Stanley, said, “Collaborations like these – combined with deep engagement with our suppliers – are critical to ensure that our shared emissions reduction goals are in reach and that we continuously improve the sustainability of every bottle we design.”

A sustainability consulting agency has been hired to identify and oversee areas of improvement, emission goals, and progress. The agency will assess each of the facilities and work to develop decarbonisation roadmaps. These strategies will outline the changes each supplier can undertake to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by increasing energy efficiency, developing renewable energy procurement, implementing management systems and more.

Jeff Cresswell, co-owner of Klean Kanteen, added, “This project will allow us to make meaningful progress together in a way that none of us could accomplish on our own, and it exemplifies a core tenet of the outdoor industry and its sustainability work: together we are a force.”

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