X-BIONIC Claims New Benchmark With COREFUSION Cycling Line

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X-BIONIC Claims New Benchmark With COREFUSION Cycling Line

X-BIONIC, the Swiss pioneer for performance sportswear, presents its latest cycling collection ‘for ambitious riders who value creating the best conditions for athletic performance.’

The new COREFUSION line aims to keep the athlete’s core body temperature constant at 37°C at all times – the optimal performance zone of the human body – through intelligent sweat management. A mix of state-of-the-art high-performance materials is used for this purpose.

As the name COREFUSION suggests, the collection’s hybrid technique, which combines patented 3D knitting technologies and complex craftsmanship, is all about maintaining core body temperature during exercise.

The human body is very resilient and enduring. However, in order to achieve optimal performance over a longer period of time, the core body temperature must remain as constant as possible. Overheating requires additional energy from the body for cooling and reduces performance.

For many UCI World Tour and Pro teams, measuring body temperature using sensors is already an established practice to adapt race strategy.

The 3D Bionic Sphere System with ThermoSyphon technology integrated into the products of the COREFUSION line preserves important resources to increase the performance of athletes.

Thanks to the globally unique System-Gear approach, less energy is used to regulate body temperature, allowing athletes to push themselves beyond their limits and perform at their best. The 3D knitted thermoregulating structures in the jersey and bib shorts work seamlessly together in the spine area to regulate core body temperature most efficiently.

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