Wellpower Introduces 100% Plant-Based Neoprene Alternative

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Wellpower Introduces 100% Plant-Based Neoprene Alternative

Taiwan-based WELLPOWER INC, a global leader in innovation and advanced material technology solutions, has launched Geocell White, a white colourway of Geocell, a 100% plant based neoprene alternative, opening the door to increased usage with lighter colour laminate fabrics at no additional cost. Available this summer, Geocell White is especially designed for watersports apparel, footwear and accessories.

Geocell’s manufacturing and harvesting process follows strict guidelines and is produced at Wellpower’s state of the art facilities under a lengthy list of performance based testing, including tear strength, density, heat compression and aging, among other conditions. It is machine washable making it a resilient component of choice for apparel and accessories.

“Geocell White provides more sustainable choices for blending performance, style and comfort in a product category that continues to see growth,” said Johnny Sheu, president and CEO of Wellpower. “Not only are consumers adopting healthier, more active lifestyles, they are demanding more planet-friendly products. With Geocell White, brand creative directors now have another design tool to bring fresh looks to a vibrant category. This is an important milestone.”

Geocell White is a natural rubber using recycled laminate fabrics and water based adhesives. The rubber is sourced from The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification certified plantations and tested to medical grade standards. It is hypoallergenic, durable, comfortable and flexible.

In addition, Geocell is approved by the Forest Stewardship Council, which sets standards for responsible forest management. There is no additional cost to use Geocell white in the design or manufacturing process.

Geocell White is available in three versions of stretch: S Foam used for footwear and luggage, that has an elongation of 255+; P Foam used for braces and supports that has an elongation of 325+; and SS Foam used for wetsuits and active apparel that has an elongation of 425+.

Geocell uses ASTM D412 standards measuring the elasticity of a material while under strain, as well as its behaviour after testing when the material is no longer being stressed.

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