Sustainability And Innovation Win Four ISPO Awards For SCOTT Sports

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Sustainability And Innovation Win Four ISPO Awards For SCOTT Sports

SCOTT SPORTS has been awarded ISPO Awards for four new products, available in Fall 2022, in the 22-23 Wintersports collection: the Blend Plus helmet, Patrol E2 Backpack, Shield Recycled Goggle and Superguide 95 LT Ski.

The ISPO AWARDS are renowned honours from one of the industry’s leading international sports platforms. Judged by an independent jury, the awards recognise the most innovative products across the industry.

CMO Reto Aeschbacher said, “Innovation, Technology, Design are SCOTT’s core values and this vision runs through everything we do. We’re delighted our new products have been recognized by ISPO, as we look to set a new standard in sustainable and innovative product development,”

The first-of-its-kind Shield Recycled Goggle and Superguide 95 LT Ski are both part of the Resource collection, a group of products that meet strict internal sustainability criteria without compromising performance. CSR Manager Andrew Goodman said, “At SCOTT we are skiers, bikers, runners, and we love our outdoor playground. Our philosophy is to respect it and strive towards being environmentally responsible when it comes to our products,”

Shield Recycled Goggle 

The Shield Recycled Goggle represents an initial step into the world of circular products for SCOTT. The goggle, based on the iconic Shield style, has a 100% recycled TPU frame, made from old SCOTT goggles that had lived beyond their useful life and a 100% recycled Nylon strap from Fulgar. The Shield Recycled is a proof of concept that demonstrates the future possibilities for circular product development.

The new Superguide LT 95 Ski is the first eco ski from SCOTT. It combines sustainable materials and attention to detail to ensure the most responsibly produced skis to date. A certified wood core and flax fibre construction is combined with a 50% bio-based topsheet, 50% recycled base, partially recycled edges and reduced graphic inks.

Superguide LT 95 Ski 

Both products are produced in the EU to further minimise their environmental impact. Wintersports Hardgoods Product Manager Franz Marsan said, “We are very proud to present these products, which are made using local and eco-friendly materials without compromising on amazing performance.”

Patrol E2 Backpack 

In addition, ISPO Awards for the Patrol E2 Backpack and Blend Plus Helmet recognise SCOTT’s commitment to offering the safest, most progressive products to skiers across the whole mountain. “At SCOTT, our task is to provide the best tool for the job and deliver leading technology to our users – whether it’s a ski patroller, freeride athlete, ski tourer, or all-mountain skier,” said Sandra Schoop, Equipment Product Manager.

The Patrol E2 Backpack is SCOTT’s ultimate freeskiing avalanche backpack. Evolving from the iconic Patrol E1, the Patrol E2 Backpack is the first on the market to incorporate the new Alpride E2 Avalanche system – the lightest electronic system to date and with state-of-the-art supercapacitor technology. 

The new backpack has been redesigned with Cordura ripstop fabric, improved durability and optimised fixation and storage solutions for backcountry equipment making it SCOTT’s most reliable avalanche backpack to date.

Blend Plus Helmet 

The all-new Blend Plus Helmet is a first-of-its-kind product for the brand and sets a new benchmark for integrated helmets that’s unlike anything on the market.. The helmet features a patented Magnetic Visor Mechanism and cylindrical lens with Amplifier contrast enhancing technology, an unrivalled field of vision and over-the-glasses compatibility, combined with a MIPs helmet that boasts active ventilation and 360 Pure Sound technology.

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