Stay Powered Up With Award-winning Solar Power Bank From Yard Force

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Stay Powered Up With Award-winning Solar Power Bank From Yard Force

The latest portable solar power bank to hit the market delivers up to 14 hours of charge to phones, cameras and tablets – claimed to be more charging power than any other similar power banks available in the UK.

The new LX PB21 Solar Panel Power Bank from YARD FORCE combines sleek design with high functionality. Compact, lightweight and efficient, it transforms powering up devices on the go. The product is making a big impact, too having received a prestigious Red Dot Award for design and ‘Product of the Year’ in the annual DIY Week Awards.

LX PB21 power banks have three highly efficient, integrated solar cells that can convert up to 24% solar energy into electricity providing 21W of reliable and sustainable power. Featuring dual USB ports and a triple charging cable which fits most mobile phones, digital cameras, laptops, tablets and even drones, it delivers reliable portable power anywhere.

The intelligent charging technology (smart IC) means the charging ports recognise the device and deliver the correct output needed, so there’s no waste. The device also has a built-in LED battery level indicator for added confidence. 

The compact and lightweight solar panels can easily attach to a backpack to generate power on the move or charged when resting. As a weather-proof layer protects the device from water, dust, knocks and drops, there’s no need to worry about weather conditions.

For easy storage, the panels feature magnetic strips to allow users to pack the power bank away quickly and easily, it folds up neatly to the size of an iPad. Each device is made from high-quality materials that are built to last and backed up by a two-year guarantee.

Features at a glance

  • Guarantee – two years
  • Compact, portable and lightweight
  • Fast Charging – panels quickly convert the energy from the sun
  • 12V/13Ah Li-ion battery – charges multiple devices at the same time
  • Triple charging cable with micro USB, 8 pin lightning & Type C, & USB -A and USB-C output
  • Built in 13000 mAh battery and digital display indicator
  • Intelligent charging technology – recognises the type of device and delivers correct charging speed
  • Three highly efficient, foldable solar panels
    Yard Force is a leader in battery power technology for the home and garden. All products are designed to provide power, freedom and flexibility, whether it is the brand’s new Solar Power Bank range or the range of innovative outdoor garden power tools. Everything is designed for life on the go.

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