Selk’bag Wearable Sleeping Bags Now In UK

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Selk’bag Wearable Sleeping Bags Now In UK

Removable booties easily unzip so wearers can put on their own shoes.

Selk’bag is the original wearable sleeping bag brand, designed to support freedom of movement during outdoor and indoor activities with comfort and warmth. Versatile Selk’bags are ideal for use on camping trips, for stargazing and on road trips, as well as for lounging at home. The 2021 collection of Selk’bags is now available in the UK in a range of vibrant colours and unisex designs.

All Selk’bag products incorporate a host of features as standard to comfort and protection from even harsh elements. No-hassle elasticated hand openings allow wearers to bring their hands in and out of the bag quickly and effortlessly while large kangaroo pockets provide an ideal place to stash essentials.

The removable booties easily unzip so wearers can put on their own shoes without taking off the Selk’bag. With reinforced outsoles, the booties can fully zip up for heat retention while sleeping or on the move outside.

The adjustable, insulated hood offers added warmth, enabling wearers to stay warm and cosy down to near freezing temperatures and the two-way double zipper makes it very easy to quickly and easily get in and out and access pockets. All Selk’bag products come with a handy stuff sack to compress the bag and allow easy carrying and stowing.

They all feature hollow fibre synthetic insulation with the insulating properties of a traditional sleeping bag while a DWR coating keeps moisture out. Selk’bag is available in sizes small to extra large and will fit wearers who are between 4’11” and 6’4” tall.

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