Scandinavian Outdoor Award Goes To Alfa

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Scandinavian Outdoor Award Goes To Alfa

After dedicated outdoor testing and lively discussions, an international jury of outdoor journalists and outdoor gear specialists have agreed on the winners of the Scandinavian Outdoor Award for next year’s fall/winter season. See all winners HERE.

Since 2005, the competition for the Award, hosted by the SCANDINAVIAN OUTDOOR GROUP (SOG), aims to support product and design innovations as well as to promote new Scandinavian outdoor products. The Award enjoys a high reputation thanks to the thorough evaluation process.

The international jury team composed of prestigious outdoor journalists, retailers and specialists decides its final judgement on the following criterions: Design, Innovation, Functionality, Quality and Sustainability.

The SOG was founded in 2001 and currently has 68 member companies representing outdoor brands from the Nordic countries. It aims to strengthen the image and profits of member brands on an international level through cooperation and joint projects.


Alfa Stad boot

Sustainability is a key concept and the overall winner of the Scandinavian Outdoor Award is Norwegian brand Alfa with the Stad boot. It’s a technical boot with a focus on sustainability and comfort that uses 100% wool from Norwegian sheep.

It’s woven to give better tear resistance than more commonly used felted wool. As reinforcement, Alfa uses nubuck and a Vibram Megagrip sole for great traction in winter. With roots back to 1931, Alfa is one of Norway’s oldest shoe manufacturers.

Statement from the jury: The lightweight winter boot Stad from the Norwegian footwear specialist Alfa looks and performs great and won every jury member’s heart. Upper and lining are woven with Norwegian wool that is more durable than the normally used felted wool. Woven wool has been used for over 100 years for manufacturing furniture and folklore. Wool keeps your feet warm, breathes better than leather or waterproof membranes and sheds snow. The sole uses Vibram Megagrip compound.


Silva Terra Scout headlamp

The second most prestigious award is the Sustainability Award. This prize goes to Silva for the new Terra Scout; the jury was impressed with Silva’s use of innovative material. Silva has found an exciting way to reduce their product’s impact on the environment with an innovative way of using hemp in their headlamps instead of plastic.

Statement from the jury: The Swedish brand Silva brings sustainable materials into the head-lamp category. The Terra Scout is made from hemp and recycled plastics with a CO2-footprint reduction of up to 90 percent compared to standard plastics. The compact and lightweight headlamp (84 g with three AAA batteries) is easy to use and will be available at an affordable price. A rechargeable battery pack can be purchased separately and will add to the lamp convenience and sustainability.

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