Salewa Launches New Alpine Life Collection For A/W23

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Salewa Launches New Alpine Life Collection For A/W23

Bolzano, Italy-based SALEWA has always been linked to the development of alpinism. However, the mountain sports brand based in the Dolomites defines alpinism as more than just the increasing number of sporting activities in the mountains. It also includes the cultural dimension, such as people’s way of life in the mountain villages of the region.

“It’s the combination of both these dimensions that makes alpinism such a fascinating experience. We want to inspire people to climb mountains, but also to learn from their unique alpine habitat,” says the brand’s International Marketing Director Thomas Aichner. “Anyone who experiences the cultural aspects of alpine life will gain a rich insight into and understanding of the people who live and work in the mountains all year round.”

The Salewa Alpine Life collection for Autumn/Winter 2023/24 embodies and expresses this awareness. In accordance with Salewa’s nature-tech approach, natural fibres, such as hemp and wool, are blended with synthetic fabrics in a combination of traditional and functional. The collection is intended for exploring the hamlets in the valleys or visiting mountain huts after a tour – as well as for everyday urban life.

Mirijam Heiler

The overall design approach is characterised by a clean look with minimalist cutlines and great attention to detail when it comes to features. Salewa is working together with South Tyrolean artist Mirijam Heiler for the Alpine Life collection. ‘The secret language of nature’ project places graphic elements on the products and labels in the collection.

For example, a secret poem is represented in alpine larch and pine needles, instead of letters. It is an attempt ‘to create greater awareness of the language of nature and support the trend to link human life back to the natural world.’

In her ‘secret language of nature’, the artist Mirijam Heiler uses alpine larch and pine needles arranged as small poems and messages.

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