Rab And KMF Announce The Mountain People Film Grant

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Rab And KMF Announce The Mountain People Film Grant

KMF 2019

To celebrate its 40th anniversary, RAB will be awarding ‘The Mountain People Film Grant’ at this year’s KENDAL MOUNTAIN FESTIVAL (KMF), which will run from the 18-21 November. Equip brands Rab and LOWE ALPINE have been long-standing partners of KMF and the grant (open to UK-based filmmakers) is part of their support as key sponsors of the 2021 event. The grant will be awarded to the winning film pitch.

KMF has been the highlight of many mountain-goers’ calendar for the last 40 years. The annual, four-day long festival is dedicated to sharing awe-inspiring, life-affirming stories from the world of outdoor adventure. The festival will return to a live, in-person event with digital elements for its 41st edition after running a highly successful virtual event during the pandemic in 2020.

Jim Evans, Marketing Director at Rab and Lowe Alpine, said, “We have been proud partners of Kendal Mountain Festival for many years and are delighted to support filmmakers pushing their creative and professional boundaries at the 2021 event. Not only are we excited to hear the applicants’ own take on our ‘The Mountain People’ claim, we look forward to seeing the next adventure film blaze new trails across our spectacular British landscape.”

Worth £10,000, the grant was conceived to shine a spotlight on the British wilderness whilst achieving these main goals:

  • To enable filmmakers who are, as yet unable to access funds, to bring their creativity to life and provide a platform for their future endeavours
  • To broaden the number of storytellers and film makers who use Britain’s mountains as a creative and physical resource
  • To support and grow diversity and inclusion in the outdoors
  • To inspire both new and seasoned mountain adventurers to explore the UK’s wilderness.

Britain-based filmmakers can make their submissions for the grant from 17 September to 17 October. The winning applicant will be chosen by Rab, the KMF team and two independent film industry consultants. It will be announced at the festival, which will take place at the Brewery Arts Centre in Kendal, the Southern gateway to UK’s Lake District. More information on how to apply for the grant can be found HERE.

Featuring the Rab Cinema with approx. 45 separate film screenings from film makers around the globe, lectures from world renowned speakers including pro athletes and grass roots activists, and lively debates, interactive sessions, and interviews with some of the outdoor world’s literary idols, this year’s festival promises to be an exciting long weekend. 

After the success of the 2020 digital festival, there will once again be recorded key events to share with audiences around the world through the new Kendal Mountain Player. Tickets for the festival will be on sale from 24 September.

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