Primus Stove Innovation Winner Will Land In Spring 2024

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Primus Stove Innovation Winner Will Land In Spring 2024

PRIMUS, the Swedish cooking equipment brand, has announced the launch of its Ulti Stove System and Ulti Pots, available in Spring 2024. The Ulti Stove Systems are the most wind-resistant and powerful cooking solutions Primus has made to date.

“We’ve been providing solutions to explorers for the past 130 years and are excited to launch a new collection of stoves and pots for the next generation of adventurers,” said Eric Svartström, research and development manager at Primus.

“Expeditions go out far into the wilderness, in the wind, rain, snow and sand, that is why the Ulti Stove Systems are designed to withstand compromising conditions and are the best products available to expedition chefs worldwide.”

The combo won an ISPO Award for ‘Innovative Outdoor Stove’ at the OutDoor by ISPO 2023 trade show in Munich, Germany.

In the jury statement, the judges for the 2023 ISPO Awards had this to say about the Ulti Stove Systems, ‘In addition to its compact and robust construction, the innovative combustion technology is particularly noteworthy.

‘Whether you’re a pro or an outdoor enthusiast, the ease of use is a great relief for many outdoor activities. Also impressive is the perfectly coordinated system of stove and pot. An added bonus is that the set comes in two sizes.’
Key Features:

  • Catalytic combustion and infrared radiation burner has no blue flame to be extinguished
  • Pressure regulator enhances efficiency and ensures consistent heat output
  • Remote canister hose system allows the fuel canister to be flipped upside down for use in colder weather
  • Disk burner with low centre of gravity and sturdy legs can be used on a variety of ground cover and provides a stable cooking base
  • Hard-anodized aluminium pot and lid with pour spout has integrated heat exchanger and webbing handle
  • Sturdy handle folds over the lid to lock the stove system together in an impact protected package
  • The stove is designed and to be used whilst wearing gloves
  • Ulti Stove System 1-litre feeds 1-2 people; the 1.8-litre version is best for 2-3 people. A larger 2.5-litre pot is also available, suitable for a larger group or when melting snow is important

“We have combined our experience and knowledge of professional exploration and the power of community to create a range of unrivaled products in versatility, design, ergonomics, and durability,” said Manuel Dürmoser, head of product at Primus-Silva.

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