PrimaLoft Reduces Carbon Emissions Further

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PrimaLoft Reduces Carbon Emissions Further

Image credit: Vaude/Jens Wegener

PrimaLoft Inc., a global leader in advanced material technology, is launching an updated version of its PrimaLoft® P.U.R.E.™ renewable manufacturing technology. Using a proprietary technique, P.U.R.E. now reduces carbon emissions even further. The first products using the latest version will be in store from Autumn/Winter 2022.

Originally launched in 2019, P.U.R.E. stands for ‘Produced Using Reduced Emissions’. The manufacturing technique has been a key focus for the expert development team at PrimaLoft, as part of the company’s ongoing Relentlessly Responsible™ mission. In a nutshell, that’s to be as sustainable as possible without any compromise on its high-performance products.

To achieve the latest version of PrimaLoft P.U.R.E., the specialist team looked carefully at materials, product design and the production process itself, innovating at each step to drastically reduce the carbon emissions produced during manufacturing. The proprietary manufacturing technique saves up to 70% of carbon emissions compared to traditional production methods.

PrimaLoft has now transformed the manufacturing of synthetic insulation, which has relied on fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas for decades. This latest version of P.U.R.E. technology, ‘incorporates a holistic approach that perfectly matches materials, engineered recipes, equipment, and energy production that work together, enabling a significant drop in CO2.’

The proprietary manufacturing technique saves up to 70% of carbon emissions compared to traditional production methods.

In addition to P.U.R.E., PrimaLoft has also significantly reduced carbon emissions by using recycled polyester instead of virgin fibres throughout its entire product range. Since 2015, PrimaLoft has saved a huge total of 16 million kg of CO2.

Mike Joyce, president and CEO of PrimaLoft, said, “PrimaLoft P.U.R.E. manufacturing technology is a major step forward in our company’s purpose to unleash the full potential of people, products and the planet. It extends our Relentlessly Responsible mission further into the process of how we make our products.

“We prioritize each material, recipe, process and piece of equipment used with the goal to reduce carbon emissions while maintaining our product quality and performance characteristics. We expect our overall impact to be drastically reduced further as we continue to incorporate more recycled material and expand our P.U.R.E. technology across our footprint and product line.”

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