Polartec Produces Innovation Timeline

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Polartec Produces Innovation Timeline

Photo: Helen Thayer & Charlie, 1988. In 2009, she was named one of the most important explorers of the 20th century by the National Geographic Society. Credit: Helen Thayer

Polartec®, the creator of innovative and sustainable textile solutions, has launched its innovation timeline as part of Polartec’s Peaking Since ‘91 campaign. The timeline begins with the 1981 invention of PolarFleece, highlights the 1991 founding of the Polartec brand and continues through to present day.   

The timeline illustrates the creation of the broadest range of performance fabric technologies, collaboration with the world’s leading brands and the resulting products which have empowered outdoor participants for generations, paralleling and helping to drive the growth and evolution of the modern outdoor industry.  

For the last 30 years, leading brands have consistently turned to Polartec to evolve fleece beyond insulation, to redefine weather protection or to develop the next lightweight, next-to-skin technologies. In that leadership role, Polartec has established itself as the world’s foremost innovator of a wide range of performance fabrics engineered for all conditions, to keep you warm, dry, cool, and safe.  

Polartec President Steve Layton said, “The modern history of Polartec is one of transformation, from a traditional mill into a performance textile innovator. We’re excited to have this timeline illustrate the stories of how collaboration with our business partners resulted in iconic fabrics and garments that literally changed what we wear when we go outside.” 

The timeline highlights not only those iconic fabric innovations and products, but also the cultural milestones and Polartec-sponsored expeditions along the way. Readers can view vintage Polartec ads and explore some of the past Polartec Challenge Grant winners.  

The Peaking Since ‘91 campaign additionally features advertising, social media and promotional outreach to core outdoor media, enthusiast groups and clubs. The campaign engages partner brands and consumers, culminating with new innovations and collaborations, planned for the second half of the year. 

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