Polartec Introduces A Metal-Free Odour Reducer For Enhanced Sustainability

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Polartec Introduces A Metal-Free Odour Reducer For Enhanced Sustainability

POLARTEC®, a Milliken & Company brand, has launched Fresh Face as a natural, renewable and biodegradable odour reducer for fabric technologies. Leveraging the power of botanical mint oil, the plant-based deodoriser offers a sustainable alternative to traditional fabric fresheners in odour control technology.

Debuting this season across Polartec Delta™ fabrics designed to cool the wearer through wicking and moisture management, the addition of Fresh Face technology optimises the user experience by also minimising odours within the garment. Fresh Face is derived from a naturally sourced and non-GMO mint oil plant extract harvested and distilled in the lush Willamette region of Oregon, utilising a simple and environmentally friendly steam extraction process.

The process reinforces Polartec’s commitment to Eco-Engineering and has received approval from prestigious global certifications including bluesign and Oeketex Standard 100. 

In order to validate its effectiveness, Polartec conducted thorough tests to compare Fresh Face with its previous silver-based odour control additive. The evaluation process started with the garments being used for six weeks. Following this initial wear, a comprehensive smell test was conducted to gauge the effectiveness of Fresh Face technology.

The garments were then subjected to 50 wash cycles, simulating accelerated aging and wear. Finally, they were reintroduced into real-world conditions for an additional six weeks. The result was, ‘Fresh Face technology delivers the same outstanding performance of the previous odour control method.’

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“Fresh Face represents a significant breakthrough in our quest for sustainable textile solutions,”said Karen Beattie, Director of Product Management at Polartec. “It is a natural, renewable odour reducer that not only outperforms our existing technologies but also aligns with our commitment to environmental responsibility.”

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