Polartec Explores A New Dimension In Progressive Circularity

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Polartec Explores A New Dimension In Progressive Circularity

POLARTEC, a creator of innovative and more sustainable textile solutions, is now working with MUST HAD, an innovative start up and benefit corporation, to create a second life for its excess inventory.

Since inventing the very first knit fabrics made from recycled plastic in 1993, Polartec has aimed to make the dream of zero waste a reality. Its commitment to sustainability ranges ‘from smarter chemistry to the use of 100% recycled and bio-based materials, from waste capture and water filtration to innovative technologies for more sustainable and durable textile solutions.’

Together with Must Had’s software, Polartec will prioritise ‘a virtuous cycle of circularity by empowering upcycling designers and small businesses to produce unique and sustainably developed products from repurposed Polartec textiles.’

One of the first examples features upcycling designer Ilaria Ferrari who developed blankets scarves and hair bands exclusively from discarded Polartec fabrics. The partnership, built on shared sustainability values, was officially inaugurated during last month’s Winter Business Days, an annual event in Italy dedicated to the ski and alpine sports industry.

During the event, Must Had arranged to donate her ethical, functional and customised winter accessories to accredited retailers at the Indoor Expo Village. An Upcycling Workshop was also held, where she customised each accessory by hand.

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