Plant-Based Polartec Power Shield Non-PFAS Waterproof Fabric

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Plant-Based Polartec Power Shield Non-PFAS Waterproof Fabric

Known as a creator of innovative and more sustainable textile solutions, POLARTEC has developed a new POWER SHIELD fabric as its first expedition-grade waterproof and breathable fabric technology that’s plant-based and non-PFAS. 

More waterproof, more breathable and more comfortable, Power Shield is also more sustainable, representing the most capable and versatile waterproof and breathable technology in Polartec’s fabric portfolio.  Developed to an expedition-grade standard, performance is at the forefront, with the material able to withstand heavy rain and high winds, whilst remaining breathable.

To come up with a breathable and waterproof membrane that was completely plant-based was a big challenge for the scientists at Polartec. What they came up with is a new system that uses molecular diffusion, rather than micropores, to move out water vapour while maintaining a barrier against water droplets. 

This type of technology isn’t new but a membrane that can layer within technical fabric and withstand stretching, washing and the abuse of outdoor sport is claimed to be unprecedented.  Further, because this new technology is free from micropores, it can’t clog up and lose breathability performance.

Detail from cycling specialist Le Col’s Hors Categorie Jacket II

In tests, Polartec Power Shield Bio-Based achieved the following:

More than 20,000mm in Hydrostatic Pressure Test for Waterproofness

More than 20,000 g/m2/24h in Moisture Vapour Transmission Rating for Breathability

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