Petromax Extends Cooler Range With New Bags

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Petromax Extends Cooler Range With New Bags

Outdoor, camping and bushcraft brand PETROMAX has extended its range of cooling products. New Petromax Cooler Bags will keep supplies cool for up to six days making them ideal for camping, fishing and other extended trips into the outdoors where electrical power isn’t available.

Available in capacities of 8L and 20L, the Petromax Cooler Bags have been engineered to deliver extremely long cooling times. The construction and materials ensure that ice or cold packs can be safely stored and will help keep food and drinks cool for between four and six days. The compact size, padded straps and carry handles allow the bags to be easily transported.

Petromax 22L Cooler Bag

As well as providing very effective insulation, the Petromax Cooler Bags boast a range of other useful features including a bottle opener; large zipped front pocket and flat zipped back pocket; padded shoulder strap and carry handles; two external mesh pockets and fabric eyelets for hanging items on. Petromax also produces mesh pouches with foldable handles that can be inserted into the bags and easily taken out to move items around while on a trip.

The 8L Petromax Cooler Bag is 28cm x 32.5cm x 25cm, weighs 1.3kg and retails at £119.95. The 22L bag is 35.5cm x 42.5cm x 42cm, weighs 2.45kg and retails at £149.95. The Petromax Cooler Bags and mesh pouches are available from WHITBY & CO. 

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