Outwell extends inflatable awning appeal for campervans

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Outwell extends inflatable awning appeal for campervans

Award-winning Scandinavian camping brand OUTWELL continues to develop its inflatable VEHICLE AWNINGS with additions to its Superior Air Touring and Air Cruising collections. The new inflatable OUTWELL MARYVILLE 260SA FLEX (main pic) joins the Superior Air Touring Collection to add yet more choice to the top end Outwell vehicle awnings.

The drive-away is designed to fit all awning rails, pitching at 90˚ from the campervan side. Like all Superior Air Touring awnings, it is made from the new Outtex 6000 Express RS fabric, a strong polyester ripstop with 6000mm hydrostatic head. Lighter and stronger than other Outwell awning fabrics, this all-weather material offers weight and packed size savings.

The proven Outwell Power Air System air tubes are easy to inflate and deflate, with the double 5mm and 7mm beading and Easy Pegging System aiding erection. The unique Link Access Zone, with two opposing side doors, provides close, full-length, fuss-free connection with vehicles, cutting out draughts and complementing the Outwell Sewn-in Ground System by creating a ‘hallway’ between vehicle and awning in which to shed wet and dirty gear.

A large canopy over the movable front wall, with insect-proof mesh screen, offers either deep shelter to embrace nature or more enclosed living space to relax in comfort. The large well-ventilated living area benefits from extra wide side doors, tinted windows and versatile bug-free access thanks to mesh screens behind all doors.

The Outwell HookTrack System allows lighting and small items to be suspended where needed and options include inner, carpet and footprint.

Two new dome drive-away awnings see the Air Cruising Collection offer versatile options that fully open gazebo-style to meet hot, sunny days. All use the Outwell One Air System for rapid, carefree and dependable pitching and are made from Outtex 4000 Select fabric to ensure performance while offering lower weights and compact packed size.

A large Link Access Zone with draught skirt has double beading (5mm and 7mm) to fit for vehicle rails and ensure a neat, secure connection with easy access, cutting out draughts and complementing the Outwell Sewn-in Ground System. Features include the Outwell Easy Pegging System; the HookTrack System for convenient positioning of lighting and other items; tinted windows and toggle-up curtains; plus options including an inner, carpet and footprint.

Linnburg Air Rear

The easy-pitching, tailgate-mounted inflatable OUTWELL LINNBURG AIR REAR drive-away awning delivers a close to nature experience thanks to the option to roll away its front and side walls fully to create a super airy shelter. As all have insect-proof mesh screens, the view can be enjoyed without the unwelcome attention of biting bugs. A canopy extends ventilation options as the sheltered door beneath can be left unzipped at the top.

Flexible access via side doors on both sides of the Link Access Zone connects to the van rear in bad weather and includes a towbar compatible access zone groundsheet with draught skirt. An easily attached optional inner, sleeping two, extends practical van living.

Bremburg Air

Just as easy to pitch, the side-mounted inflatable OUTWELL BREMBURG AIR drive-away delivers a similar close-to-nature experience with roll[1]away walls featuring insect-proof mesh screens on three sides. Twin side canopies extend ventilation options as the sheltered doors beneath can be left unzipped at the top.

The smart design of the Link Access Zone allows the awning to be connected either side of a campervan depending on side door position or preferred front/rear orientation. Options include an easily attached inner, carpet and footprint.

Touring Canopy Air

Finally, really easy to inflate and deflate, the new OUTWELL TOURING CANOPY AIR is designed to fit motorhomes, vans and caravans. With ample headroom, it adds convenient, easily pitched shelter from sun and rain whether camping or having a fun day outdoors. Lightweight and with a compact packed size, its pre-attached luminous guylines, angled front and reliable, inflatable frame ensure stable protection.

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