New Versatile Performance Tents From Robens For Warm Weather Pitching

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New Versatile Performance Tents From Robens For Warm Weather Pitching

Scandinavian tent brand ROBENS has introduced two models in two sizes to the Track range that features FlexPitch and new fast adjusting Low Vent systems – both unique to the brand.

The Robens Track range offers quality performance tents to meet more extreme conditions, particularly hot, windy weather and environments where insects are a nuisance. Such conditions require versatile venting and the FlexPitch system, larger vents and the new unique fast adjusting Low Vent system allow options.

These include inner only for bug-free ventilation with sky views; half flysheet with inner for partial wind protection with enhanced ventilation and views; full flysheet for total protection and flysheet only for lightweight shelter. This versatility is carried forward into the new dome style Seeker models and tunnel Sprinter tents.

Track tents are made from HydroTex NRS-T, 20D 380T ripstop nylon, siliconised outside and PU-coated inside, offering an ideal combination that delivers high strength to weight ratio and weather resistance with the ability to seal seams for ease of use. Support is provided by #7001, T6 anodised aluminium alloy poles.

Seeker 2

The fully free-standing Seeker 2 and Seeker 3 domes sleep two and three, respectively. Two-porch versatility allows a flexible approach to storage with entry tailored to weather conditions. It also allows through ventilation when both are open, working with the FlexPitch system, apex vents and the Low vent system, to enhance air flow and views out.

The full-mesh inner optimises ventilation while keeping overall weight down. Reduced packed size and weight are a key consideration in these tents, with short pole sections ensuring easy packing in backpacks and panniers. Internal storage comprises a porch hook for wet gear and items like a bike helmet; lantern hanging hook; gear rope and inner pockets.

Sprinter 3

Similar ventilation with FlexPitch options in a low bulk/weight package appear in the Sprinter 2 and Sprinter 3. Here, the single porch associated with the tunnel design has ample room to sit and prepare meals while enjoying sheltered views out. Both performance tunnel tents enjoy similar features to the Seeker models.

As well as ensuring excellent ventilation, the roll-back flysheet option enables an insect-free experience of nature.


Robens continues to test all its tents using its own in-house facilities and, during the tests, register the maximum (MAX) speed impact a tent was subjected to and the average (AVG) wind speed at which structural instability occurred. Such instability may show as the collapse of tent, returning to shape when the wind drops, or a broken/deformed pole.

At no point did Robens encounter any form of catastrophic failure up to the maximum wind speed and an icon is now used to show the MAX and AVG figures for each tent. Wind Test figures are:

Seeker 2 – MAX 130km/h; AVG 125km/h

Seeker 3 – MAX 130km/h; AVG 125km/h

Sprinter 2 – MAX 200km/h; AVG 190km/h

Sprinter 3 – MAX 200km/h; AVG 190km/h

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