New Snow Goggle Concept From UK-based Panda Optics

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New Snow Goggle Concept From UK-based Panda Optics

New for 2024, the Dual Vision goggle from PANDA OPTICS achieves what is described as ‘a revolutionary new relationship between frame and lens.’ It can be used with either a Toric Polarised lens, which mimics the curvature of a retina, or a Cylindrical Polarised lens; both link magnetically with the frame.

Oliver Heath, Managing Director of Panda Optics, explained the technology of the new goggles, “As our latest goggle release, the DUAL VISION comes with several innovative feature upgrades. Most significantly is the reduced moulding frame on both the Toric and cylindrical lens, contributing to a 20% increase in field of vision without adding to the goggle size.”

After rigorous testing, the Dual Vision goggles received high praise from 4x Olympian Chemmy Alcott, Great Britain’s most successful female downhill racer. She said, “Optimum eye health, performance and fashion are really important to me when I ski. I was lucky enough to test the new Dual Vision goggles from Panda all last season and they are my favourite pair of goggles ever. From the vision, the feel, the look and their fit in multiple different helmets. LOVE them.”

As with all Panda Optics goggles there is a low light HD lens included with every set. The Dual Vision comes with a microfibre bag, microfibre cleaning cloth, all in a custom moulded box for safekeeping.   Panda Optics also offers stretchy lens guards and a neat moulded case for the second lens for protection and easy carriage on the mountain. These can be added to the order at the time of purchase. 

Heath added, “Another upgrade to previous models is a slightly rigid frame, this still allows a comfortable fit, whist adding tension to the powerful magnetic connection, which makes the lens swift to change, and secure. Sturdy strap attachments and easier buckle adjusting have all been considered in the design of the Dual Vision.”

User benefits of the innovative Dual Vision goggles, put simply, include, ‘See more, ski more’ or for snowboarders, ‘See more, ride more’. The choice of lenses for the conditions means that the weather has less impact on visibility, providing the best chance of seeing as the wearer is equipped for all light conditions.  

Panda Optics goggles have a wide field of vision so, by not reducing the wearer’s peripheral vision, there are fewer blind spots. Plus on those days when the weather is calm and the skies are blue, there is more lens with which to enjoy stunning mountain views.

The reduced moulding at the top edge of the lenses allows the wearer to ski deep in the tuck position and still see the track ahead, enabling them to cover more ground quickly and reducing pressure on the neck.
Panda Optics sells replacement lenses, future proofing customer investment and reducing impact on the environment as, in the event of a heavy face plant, lens scratches or loss, there is no need to replace the whole goggle.

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