New Robens tents extend camping comfort

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New Robens tents extend camping comfort

Scandinavian tent brand ROBENS has introduced a new range of tents based on its popular trendsetting retro styles. The Navigator range combines three tried and tested tipi and bell tent designs in the brand’s own quality, tough HydroTex HD RS polyester Ripstop fabric to reduce packed size and weight for easy maintenance, transportation and storage.

This allows a wider range of use, with an assortment of optional accessories that includes inner tents, floor coverings, footprints and tent stoves. Simple and easy to pitch, the large living space and stability will appeal to anyone looking for a dependable and comfortable base tent with features and good looks that stand out from the crowd.

The new tents include the Chinook Ursa PRS, pictured above, that sleeps eight and is based on the technical-cotton Chinook Ursa that won Camping Magazine Editor’s Choice Awards 2020 for best glamping tent. The PRS version combines retro good looks with modern quality materials and manufacturing techniques to offer huge living space that can be opened to the outdoors for wide sheltered views.

Its design offers the option to open the whole front as a massive sun porch by simply by undoing two zips that run up the wall either side of the door, releasing extension panels neatly folded inside the tent, and converting the A-frame into support poles. This creates a huge open living space in which to shelter from sun and rain while connecting with the natural world.

Optional extras include an inner tent, Universal Tipi Mosquito Inner for bug-free tent life, fleece carpet and a footprint for groundsheet protection.

Robens tests all its tents using its own in-house facilities and, during the tests, registers the maximum (MAX) windspeed impact a tent was subjected to and the average (AVG) wind speed at which structural instability occurred. Structural instability may show as the collapse of tent, returning to shape when the wind drops, or a broken/deformed pole.

Robens did not encounter any form of catastrophic failure up to the maximum wind speed and an icon is now used, including on the Robens website, to show the MAX and AVG figures for each tent. The Wind Test figures for Chinook Ursa PRS are MAX 200km/h and AVG 195km/h.

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