New Robens Self-Inflating Mats Cut Waste And Boost Performance

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New Robens Self-Inflating Mats Cut Waste And Boost Performance

Heavy investment in research and tooling to create new self-inflating mats featuring innovative foam core profiles has allowed technical outdoor equipment manufacturer ROBENS to create its lightest 3D self-inflating mattresses (SIMs) for 2022.

The new PFC-free Polarshield 80 and 120 (8cm and 12cm thick respectively) use a 20D 390T nylon fabric with a double square ripstop weave to reduce weight and packed size while maintaining comfort levels and ease of use. They also feature delamination-proof TPU for the durability essential for outdoor adventures.

These SIMs also build on the advances in 3D manufacturing techniques it introduced last year, including the ability to bond together materials with different characteristics to increase side wall stability. Normally, bonding dictates all sides of a 3D SIM must use the same stretch fabric required by the upper surface for comfort. This means that the mat must be over inflated to obtain the right firmness to compensate for the sides bowing out like a balloon as pressure rises.

The new bonding technique allows a ‘static’ material to be used for walls. As this does not deform under pressure it improves inflation/deflation speeds as less air is required to achieve the right comfort levels. It also enhances stability at the edge of the mat.

The offset construction technique results in almost no waste being created.

Another technological development introduced by Robens is its offset construction technique. Offset horizontal channels cut across the top and bottom surfaces of the foam to ensure an even thickness of insulation across the whole mat. This increases comfort and eliminates cold spots (especially those associated with vertical coring).

The construction ensures mat performance is maintained while removing more foam from the profile to offer a reduction in weight and packed size. The new profile brings a major environmental benefit. Each mat is cut from a slab of insulation and ‘nests’ with the uncut one below thanks to its offset profile. This substantially reduces manufacturing waste to near zero.

The Robens Peak Valve has been developed to boost inflation/deflation speeds and make it easier to adjust firmness.

Polarshield SIMs also feature the Robens Peak valve that delivers high air flow rates for easy inflation and deflation – especially when an optional Robens Pump Sack is used.

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