New Robens Cobra Stone 5 Dome Tent For Road Trip Adventures

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New Robens Cobra Stone 5 Dome Tent For Road Trip Adventures

Scandinavian technical tent brand ROBENS has introduced a new tent to its popular Adventure range. It adds versatile basecamp accommodation with vehicle awning potential for groups, active families and those embracing micro-adventures from four wheels.

The free-standing Cobra Stone 5 dome sleeps five and provides full standing height throughout thanks to the steep walls. It’s made using tough HydroTex HD polyester fabric with aluminium alloy poles to reduce packed size to 71cm x 33cm and weight to 12.2kg for easy maintenance, transportation and storage.

Flysheet first or as one convenient pitching allows practiced campers to start moving in within a few minutes. Storm Guard guyline configuration adds stability by connecting flysheet to pole to peg for enhanced load distribution in windy conditions.

Side and low vent placement ensures enhanced air flow when doors are shut. The doors offer Rain Safe entry side entry to address wind direction. Open the front door panel and roll away the porch walls in fine weather for the free-standing mode that reveals the inner tent.

This has a front rainproof HydroTex HD door with two-way zip and three-layer window that comprises a mesh panel with PVC behind and a curtain for privacy. Either use the front door panel with optional tarp poles or peg out at an angle to protect the inner tent to deal with changing weather conditions.

The inner’s simpler rear U-door also has a two-way zip that adds to the versatile access and ventilation. Key to this design is the ability to also use the Cobra Stone 5 tent as vehicle awning for a campervan, off-roader, van or SUV.

Pulling the vehicle alongside front or back adds valuable living space that can be enhanced by leaving out the inner. This provides a light, quick-pitching shelter for events, to access multiple outdoor pursuits, impulse weekends away or to explore farther afield.

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