New LATIT Hiking Pants From Maier Sports With First NFC Tag

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New LATIT Hiking Pants From Maier Sports With First NFC Tag

MAIER SPORTS has launched a new hiking pant, the LATIT, that comes with its own NFC (near field communication) tag that tracks the life of the product, fully closing the circle of recyclability. Environmental awareness and sustainability has been at the forefront of  Maier Sports’ activities and the company is now leading the way when it comes to fully recyclable garments.

An NFC tag is sewn into the trousers, providing all the product information needed that can be scanned by a mobile phone and viewed by the owner. At the end of the garment’s natural life cycle, the owner can return their product so that new Maier Sports clothing can be produced from them.

NFC allows the brand to capture information about materials on tags, making the separation, sorting and recycling processes much more effective. 

THIS VIDEO shows the life cycle of a sustainable product from beginning to end. From manufacture and use to being returned to the factory for recycling, thread recovery, fabric production and finally, being transformed into a new Maier Sports product.

The LATIT is a lightweight hiking trouser made with highly elastic mSTRETCH Pro 4 Eco fabric, made from 88% recycled polyester. The environmentally friendly, PFC-free impregnation helps to keep out the rain showers and the fabric is fast drying, thanks to the Dryprotec technology.

The sporty waistband with loops and integrated belt provides extra comfort and there are four spacious pockets for storage. Available in men’s and women’s versions, with a zip version; Capri (long shorts, women only) and Bermuda shorts also available.

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