Morag Skelton Takes On Mountains In Latest Episode Of Berghaus Ascension Series

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Morag Skelton Takes On Mountains In Latest Episode Of Berghaus Ascension Series

BERGHAUS has released the second instalment of the inspiring outdoor documentary series. Premiered on the Berghaus YouTube channel, the NEW EPISODE of The Ascension Series features Morag Skelton, a deaf climber who refuses to let anything stand in the way of her love for nature and the great outdoors.

In the powerful new episode, viewers will learn how Morag’s family upbringing in Scotland led her to love the challenges of the mountainside, pushing the limits of what’s possible. It explores Skelton’s belief that nothing should come between anyone and getting out there in nature and how she lives that belief every day.

Through stunning visuals and candid interviews with Morag, the episode also details her journey towards becoming a mountaineering climbing instructor so she can help more deaf people get into climbing.

Produced by the COLDHOUSE COLLECTIVE, a team of passionate outdoor enthusiasts and filmmakers committed to sharing stories of people who overcome obstacles and achieve great things in the natural world, the episode featuring Morag is the second of the series. It follows the opening chapter which starred outdoors photographer, climber and activist Adam Raja.

As with all episodes of The Ascension Series, the new episode will be available to watch with open captions, audio description and British Sign Language (BSL) versions immediately upon release. This commitment to accessibility makes The Ascension Series one of the first adventure film series to have all episodes released with these features, enabling a wider audience to enjoy and be inspired by the stories being told.

“Morag Skelton’s story is a testament to the resilience and determination that can be found in the human spirit. We’re honoured to share her journey and continue our commitment to representing the under-represented and showcasing the outdoors as a place for all of us.” Dan Cunningham, Global Head of Brand at Berghaus.

It’s estimated that by 2035, the RNID will report around 14.2 million adults with hearing loss greater than 25dBHL (degree of hearing loss) across the UK. Berghaus doesn’t believe that anyone should be limited in their access to enjoying and experiencing climbing, the outdoors, and wild spaces.

To help support this belief, the brand will run a workshop later this year for people who are deaf or hard of hearing to provide them with the opportunity to get into climbing.

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