LEKI Launches First Ever Trekking Pole Made From Sustainable Organic Material

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LEKI Launches First Ever Trekking Pole Made From Sustainable Organic Material

LEKI, a leader in innovative skiing, trekking and trail running poles for 75 years, has introduced the Hemp One Vario, the first ever trekking pole made from sustainable organic material. The pilot program consists of 250 pairs of poles manufactured entirely by hand in Europe with the hemp grown and harvested in the Swabian Alb region just a few miles from its headquarters in Kirchheim, Germany and assembly in its own factory in the Czech Republic.

The entire concept of the pole is designed with the use of organic materials across multiple components from grip to shaft to basket. “The Hemp One Vario is the first pole that consistently pursues the use of organic materials as a replacement for aluminum and carbon,” says Matthias Hatt, CEO of leki. “With this project, we have taken a big step forward in developing sustainable technologies through fundamental research and we see a lot of development potential for the future.”

Raw hemp fibres are twice as strong as steel and hemp bends and mends approximately six times better than steel. The sustainable aspects of hemp are tremendous compared to other natural ingredients: it requires little water or land area and it nourishes the soil, enabling more secure and renewable harvests.

While weighing slightly more than carbon and aluminium poles by just a few ounces, the Hemp One Vario’s sustainable properties and strength to weight ratio offset this and are groundbreaking in terms of responsibly replacing materials and components used in the traditional manufacturing of hard goods.

Leki first introduced the Hemp One Vario at ISPO this year and won the ISPO Award 2023, quoting the ISPO Award Jury: “LEKI is embarking on an exciting new path with the Hemp One Vario. The consistent sustainable approach, incorporating regionally renewable raw materials, can be described as a flagship project. Such innovations enrich the outdoor market on its way towards a resource-efficient and more sustainable future.”

The Hemp One Vario will initially be sold this year as a limited series program through Globetrotter stores in Europe.

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