Leatherman Tool Group Marks 40 Year Anniversary

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Leatherman Tool Group Marks 40 Year Anniversary

Iconic multi-purpose tool brand Leatherman is celebrating its 40th birthday. The LEATHERMAN TOOL GROUP was founded in the USA by Tim Leatherman in July 1983, inspired by his need for practical fixes during a road trip across Europe in the 1970s.

Recognising the need for a better tool with pliers-based function, Tim Leatherman invented the Pocket Survival Tool which became the pioneering product in the category. The first units were sold in 1983 and the brand formally located its business in Portland, Oregon, where the company continues to operate, remaining dedicated to creating innovative and durable tools to get life’s jobs done.

Built upon three principles – unwavering perseverance, ingenious design and the ability to save the day – Tim Leatherman’s innovation has empowered people around the world to solve problems, big and small.

Ben Rivera, CEO of Leatherman Tool Group, said, “Leatherman’s enduring commitment to quality craftsmanship has allowed the brand to become an integral companion to people’s lives for four decades. While we take pride in our past accomplishments, we’re excited about the future as we tinker, innovate and relentlessly pursue the highest standards of product excellence to support the next generation of makers.”

To honour a shared spirit of ingenuity that connects its history and future, Leatherman is celebrating its 40th anniversary through a content series highlighting its founding ethos and the individuals who embody the continued spirit of perseverance. The series started with the video 40 YEARS IN THE MAKING and will go on to showcase customer TOOL TALES, employee stories and the brand’s commitment to USA-made manufacturing.

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Main pic: Leatherman Bond – the latest iteration of the original Pocket Survival Tool

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