La Sportiva’s No-Edge Climbing Shoe Line ‘Defies Expectations’

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La Sportiva’s No-Edge Climbing Shoe Line ‘Defies Expectations’

LA SPORTIVA, maker of mountain gear, has introduced a climbing footwear line for Spring 2024 highlighted by the No-Edge collection that offers climbers ‘intuitive performance, increased sensitivity and superior durability.’

The No-Edge collection includes the Mandala and updated versions of the Futura, the Mantra and the Genius. The brand will also release the TX4 Evo, an ‘eco-friendly approach shoe designed to excel in demanding terrain.’

The No-Edge collection features a sole that wraps around the shoe, following the foot’s contours, eliminating the sharp angles for “increased sensitivity and enhanced performance, particularly when standing on small holds.” The sole has a larger rubber surface area for increased contact with footholds. 

La Sportiva reported, ‘Extensive research and development testing revealed that shoes using a No-Edge design lasted longer than traditional shoes. This durability not only prolongs the lifespan of the shoes but also reduces consumption and promotes sustainability.’

The Mandala embodies the ‘evolution of the No-Edge family, facilitating the fluidity of natural climbing movement in a way only No-Edge can,’ added La Sportiva. A single reinforced strap and a sticky rubber-coated toe box offer security when climbing requires footwork that involves advanced heel hooks and heel-toe cams.

The shoe’s design ‘optimizes performance on complex routes while ensuring the toe box adapts perfectly to provide grip on the worst footholds imaginable.’ continued La Sportiva.

In 1999, La Sportiva introduced the Mantra. In 2023, it is in its third iteration with a deconstructed upper and thin sole that gives ‘unparalleled feedback, allowing climbers to perform on highly technical routes.’

Photo: La Sportiva

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