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Fido Pro: Sales Representation and Distributor opportunity in the U.K.

Location: Various


13 Feb 2024

Closing date:

15 Mar 2024


Be the Hero When Your Dog Needs You Most

Rarely does it occur that a company can enter a saturated market and create a “white-space” within it. That is exactly what Fido Pro did six years ago when they invented the very first, lightweight packable device that provides a way for a single person to self-rescue their injured dog from the trail. Since that original invention, we have expanded our brand to include products that are needed, yet missing from the market place. We market our products to the outdoor sport channel because we make products for people-who like to take their dogs adventuring with them. We cross-over between backcountry safety to hike / trail-run, ski touring and dog products. Fido Pro makes two types of products; those that provide a way to rescue an injured or sick dog and those that protect the dog from injury in the first place.


We have proven and successful sales in North America and Europe. During our first years on the market it is all we could do to keep up with demand for our direct-to-consumer business. In 2024 for the first time we are going to be adding sales representatives and distributors to assist in bringing our high-in-demand products to wholesale buyers in the UK and all across Europe.


We are seeking those who understand the significance of the opportunity, are excited about it and eager to join Fido Pro in its mission to provide, adventure safety gear to help protect furry trail partners in Europe. Your wholesale network will be so pleased and excited when you make them aware that Fido Pro products are becoming available to them.


The Opportunity

Sales Representative Groups and Individuals

Candidate requirements

  1. A well established presence within your territory or region with both brick and mortar store, buyers and larger .com retailers of outdoor products.
  2. Currently carrying other outdoor sport products.
  3. Dog lovers a plus.
  4. A high level of excitement at the chance to carry a line of products that are changing the way people approach taking their dogs on adventures and are potentially life-saving.
  5. Proven history of successful sales in pioneering new brands and or significantly growing existing brands within a region.



Distributor Partners

  1. Distribution / logistic warehousing and shipping infrastructure in place.
  1. Proven history of pioneering newer brands and or significantly growing existing lines. 
  1. An existing network of sales representatives. 
  1. Existing network of wholesale buyer contacts that we can immediately plug into. 
  1. Ability to place pre-book orders in advance of selling season.


To Apply

  •  In person interviews are available in London on February 27 and 28.
  • Resumes emailed to: info@fidoprotection.com  
  •  Closing date March 15th 2024


We look forward to providing our life saving gear to dog lovers across Europe and have a great time growing the business with you!



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