Jetboil Welcomes Back An Old Favourite And Shares New Innovations

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Jetboil Welcomes Back An Old Favourite And Shares New Innovations

It’s over 20 years since the first JETBOIL stove changed the face of backcountry cooking for the full spectrum of outdoor enthusiasts’ activities. By designing a fast, compact and efficient stove unlike anything else, Dwight Aspinwall and Perry Dowst created what developed into an outdoor sub-culture.

JetHeads will relish the return to the UK of the hugely popular Jetboil Sumo 1.8l cook pot, ideal when cooking for a group, as putting together meals and drinks for the team is simple and less time consuming than using a conventional camping stove.

The Sumo comes with a regulated gas feed, allowing precision control which facilitates many more meal options. It includes Jetboil’s FluxRing Technology, meaning greater surface area for minimal boil times and improved fuel efficiency.

‘JavaHeads’ can enjoy a proper coffee with the Sumo’s optional Grande Coffee Press. They’ll be able to refine cooking skills with the Summit Skillet, Jetboil’s ceramic, non-stick compact cooking pan with easy store folding handle and turner.

The new lightweight Trailware Cutlery set is the ideal utensil kit to pair with a Jetboil cooking system and other Jetboil accessories. Each utensil is extendable (up to 10”) to avoid the need to delve into boiling hot meals and fluids.

It’s easy to simply click through the Trailware’s three extension settings and find the right size for all outdoor cooking tasks. As well as a knife and fork, included is a unique silicone edged spoon for scraping every morsel whilst minimising scratches to the pot surface. The Trailware Cutlery set is lightweight and snaps together for easy storage.

BURTON MCCALL LTD is the UK distributor for Jetboil

Sumo rrp £199.99

Summit Skillet rrp £59.99

Grande Coffee Press rrp £22.99

Trailware Cutlery rrp £17.99

Trailspoon rrp £11.99

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