Hydro Flask Sales Fund Parks For All Grants

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Hydro Flask Sales Fund Parks For All Grants

Kids' beach clean Credit: Ian Lean

Hydro Flask, an award-winning leader in high-performance, insulated stainless steel flasks, has announced the recipients of its 2021 Parks For All grants. The brand will donate more than $400,000 (£293,000) in grants to 15 non-profit organisations focused on building, maintaining, restoring, and providing better access to public parks and green spaces globally.

Hydro Flask launched its charitable programme Parks for All in January 2017 to support the development, maintenance and accessibility of public green spaces in the U.S. and beyond. This year marks a total contribution of over $1.9 million (£1,392,000) since the programme’s inception.

Parks For All has supported 122 non-profits and donated nearly 60,000 bottles. Hydro Flask also works alongside grantees in on-the-ground activities, digital and advocacy initiatives and social media campaigns promoting healthier, happier lives outdoors.

Indigo Teiwes, Associate Director, Corporate Responsibility, said, “Since 2017, Parks for All has supported more than 41,000 people spending 375,000 hours experiencing the physical, mental and social benefits of time outside.”

Over the course of just four years, Parks for All programmes have accomplished the following:

  • 5,000 volunteers engaged (Parks for All program projects)
  • 34 miles of trails maintained
  • 350 workshops and trainings held

Additionally, Hydro Flask is committed to improving equity in outdoor access through Parks for All. One of the programme priorities is directing a portion of funding to Black, Indigenous, People of Colour and Latinx-led organisations, as well as projects that expand park access for these and other historically marginalised communities. To date, these groups represent over 30% of Parks For All programme participants.

Through the 2021 grants, Parks For All is donating $263,991 (£188,000) to six U.S. national grantees and $75,000 (£55,000) to regionally-focused U.S. non-profits and $15,000 (£11,000) to The Alpine Club of Canada.

In Europe, two organisations will receive grants of $25,000 (£18,000) each:

Beaches provide a unique opportunity for recreation. Our oceans are a global resource. Last year, Surfers Against Sewage mobilised 73,000 volunteers to collect almost 105,000 kilograms of coastline trash in the United Kingdom during 1,300 beach clean-up events. A grant will provide training to empower its group of dynamic volunteers for another year of inspiring leadership. 

Hugo Tagholm, CEO SAS, said, “Despite the challenges we have all faced, we have seen record interest and engagement with our campaigns to protect oceans, beaches, waves and wildlife. With the generous support of Hydro Flask’s Parks for All initiative, we have trained and empowered our regional representatives to deliver marine conservation activity across the UK.

It takes the work of many to restore and maintain outdoor spaces so everyone can enjoy them for decades to come. Parks For All’s inaugural grant in Germany will support the Clean River Project. It will support kayaking volunteers who will collect trash from the Landwehr Canal, a waterway that runs through the heart of Berlin. The project gets residents involved, active and reconnected to nature in their backyard. 

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