Hanging Out In The Wilds With Robens

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Hanging Out In The Wilds With Robens

Following the success of its Trace Hammock Set, outdoor specialist ROBENS has introduced a complete package for off-grid overnight micro-adventures. The Trace Ultimate Hammock Set contains all required to create an ideal ‘leave no trace’ nest that can be quickly slung between trees.

Packing down to just 22cm x 31cm and weighing in at 1.84kg, the Trace Ultimate Hammock Set has

 • Hammock with integrated mosquito net

 • Tarp

 • Slings and cord

 • Carabiners

The hammock is made from a nylon mix, including 40% recycled material, that ensures a small, light packed size without compromising performance. It packs into an integral carrybag that doubles as a handy pocket when the hammock is in use.

The hammock comes with daisy chain slings, cord and carabiners crucial for use. The hammock incorporates integral mesh protection against insects. For comfort, this is suspended from an apex cord to keep it away from the sleeper.

The cord also acts as a ridge ‘pole’ to help support the tarp when in use to protect against the weather. The tarp is constructed from ripstop nylon with a 3000mm hydrostatic head.

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