Grassroots Outdoor Organisations Urged To Apply For Outdoor Industry Grant Support

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Grassroots Outdoor Organisations Urged To Apply For Outdoor Industry Grant Support

The IT’S GREAT OUT THERE COALITION (IGOT) has launched the latest round of #itsgreatoutthere grants to support grass roots initiatives around Europe that get people active in the outdoors. Between now and 28 February, non-profit organisations can submit an application for up to €5,000.

Launched in 2017 by the It’s Great Out There Coalition, the #itsgreatoutthere grants programme helps community based projects, which take new participants into the outdoors, with a particular focus on reaching younger and more diverse audiences. The latest call for applications is possible thanks to the financial support of coalition members.

The coalition focuses its work on delivering Outdoor Activity Days (OAD), each of which is an active day in nature, aligned to the latest World Health Organization guidelines that recommend at least 150 minutes of physical activity every week. All #itsgreatoutthere grants are awarded to facilitate OAD around Europe and to date, the coalition has invested over €125,000, supporting 44 projects in ten countries, which have directly involved almost 6,500 individuals.

Any non-profit organisation can apply for an #itsgreatoutthere grant by COMPLETING AN APPLICATION online. During each round of grants, applications are assessed against key criteria and coalition members are given the opportunity to vote for their favoured projects. In addition, many of those members subsequently offer extra support, either financially or in kind, by donating kit or expertise to deliver projects.

Margo walking the (winter) walk with her son

Margo de Lange has stepped up from the role of Policy Officer to that of Secretary General, replacing Andrew Denton, who remains on the coalition board. The developments are part of a series of changes that are rolling out this year, designed to enhance the coalition’s capacity and boost the next phase of the #itsgreatoutthere campaign to get more people in Europe active in the outdoors.

She said, “Every year, we witness the profound, positive impact of #itsgreatoutthere grants for citizens from all sorts of backgrounds. The projects that we have helped to fund are making real differences in communities around Europe, and we are determined to continue and expand the reach of that work.

“As always, we are grateful for the support of our members who make this possible through their financial backing. I urge any non-profit that is operating in the outdoors to have a look at the grants programme, and submit an application if they have an initiative that could qualify.”

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