Gerber Gear’s New 2022 Problem Solving Tools

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Gerber Gear’s New 2022 Problem Solving Tools

Stake Out

GERBER GEAR, manufacturer of knives, multi-tools and gear, has a new selection of outdoor problem-solving tools. The SPRING 2022 LINE-UP of products includes multi-tools, axes and fillet knives designed to improve experiences outdoors.4

Gerber has launched distinct collections for Fishing, Camping, Overlanding, and Hunting enthusiasts. Each collection will feature a mix of select new products as well as complementary products from the past.

“Spring 2022 Products from Gerber represent a robust collection of items that support different kinds of adventures,” said Seth Jaramus, Industrial Design Manager at Gerber. “Each item plays a specific role while offering a level of versatility that makes them invaluable problem-solving tools in the outdoors.”

The Stake Out is equipped with 11 tools and handles activities every camper faces from setting up camp and cooking to packing out. Most notable are the tent stake puller, tweezer, and carabiner clip, making the Stake Out an easy to carry and essential tool for the campsite.


Inspired by the ground-breaking Gerber Center-Drive Multi-Tool, the all-new Dual-Force introduces an innovative plier design to the multi-tool category. The Dual-Force operates like a dedicated pair of pliers with a 2-position slip-lock design and extra-large teeth for unparalleled control.

The narrow handspan allows for optimal power and two times the grip force over traditional multi-tools. Layered jaw construction adds durability and performs two times better than competitors in torsion tests. The Dual-Force features 12 total tools to handle any task including a full-size knife and Center-Axis™ bit-driver.

Bushcraft Axe

The Bushcraft Axe and Hatchet are do-it-all outdoor tools designed for building the necessities – fire and shelter. Both feature a single-piece axe head with an innovative overstrike guard to ensure durability and protection. In addition, both the axe and hatchet are designed with rubber over-moulded grips and a waterproof gear storage stick nested into the handle.

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