First European Award For Women’s Outdoor Products

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First European Award For Women’s Outdoor Products

#she is outdoors – the first European award dedicated to women’s sport outdoor products – has handed out its awards. 43 products from 22 different brands took part in the event, competing in four different categories, in the sustainability award and in an overall competition.

See all the winners HERE.

The pan-European jury of twelve experts and outdoor enthusiasts ‘evaluated products that deserve nothing less than a perfect rating in terms of claim and performance.’

Jana Erb and Miriam Mayer are photographers and digital creatives from Munich, Germany. After many years in the outdoor industry, they decided to realise their long-cherished dream and create the first award dedicated exclusively to outdoor products designed for women.

Women’s gear has evolved from floral prints on rain jackets to specifically tailored women’s products. Women have come a long way – but they are not there yet, according to #sheisoutdoors, ‘It is time to stop ‘adapting’ men’s products and start designing them specifically for women and their interests and needs, without compromises.’

Erb said, “Women have come a long and difficult way in the Outdoor industry. We have snuck out of the house and climbed steep peaks wearing long skirts – no one has talked about it publicly. We had idols, like Lynn Hill, the first person to free climb “the nose” in 1993.

Today, many girls and women are free to enjoy outdoor adventure as men have always done.”

Mayer added, “Our goal is to push the technical aspects of outdoor products designed for women beyond floral prints and ‘pink it and shrink it.’” 

Image: ©KontraPixel-Jana-Erb

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