Exploring Outdoor Innovation And Heritage With Burton McCall

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Exploring Outdoor Innovation And Heritage With Burton McCall

BURTON MCCALL, part of the BOLLIN GROUP, is a leading distributor of quality products in several UK market sectors. For decades, its Outdoor division has represented brands characterised by quality, innovation and heritage. These include Maglite torches, Victorinox Swiss army knives and Bridgedale socks.

We considered new products from two of its key brands – BIOLITE and STANLEY. Both have a track record of innovation, ranging from decades for the former to over a century for the latter.

BioLite Alpenglow 250

Part of a small range of lighting options, the ALPENGLOW 250 rechargeable lantern sits between its big brother 500 and the Mini. Featuring high-efficiency ChromaReal broad spectrum LED technology, it offers warm ambient and task-based lighting with the option of scrolling through colour tone options at the touch of a button.

After sorting out the tent as darkness fell, it was a relief to sit back and dim the light to a warm glow that helped to offset the chilly evening. That visual impact is backed up by the BioLite company’s mission producing off-grid energy products for outdoor recreational use and emerging markets.

It’s probably best known for its wood-burning stoves using thermoelectric technology to produce usable electricity from the heat of fires and the development of the HomeStove, designed to replace harmful indoor cooking fires.

Considering its range of colours and combos, it should come as no surprise that it works straight out of the box – no need to charge before first use. Whether in white or colour mode the diffused light is easy on the eyes with no harsh glare even operating fully.

Shaking the lantern unlocks the internal accelerometer for additional features such as Candle Flicker or a soothing rotation of colour. It’s robust, easy to pack, ideal for camping trips and festival chilling as well as being a fun lighting option at home.

The rubberised bottom ensures it won’t slip off a table or rock and the sturdy hook allows it to be hung securely in a tent or from a tree branch.

In a nutshell, it’s reliable, versatile, sturdy, flexible and fun, especially when camping with kids or enjoying an outdoor party, combining smart functionality with creativity. Plus, the USB output can be used to charge devices.


Battery: 3,200 mAh (11.8 Wh) Li-Ion

Inputs: Micro USB

Outputs 1x USB A, 5V / 2.4A

Weight: 210g

Burn Time: 5 hours HIGH, Up to 200 hours LOW, 1 hour reserve power

Water Resistance: IPX4

Colour Rendering: ChromaReal broad spectrum LED (CRI 90)

Dimensions: 95 x 75mm diameter

Lumens: 250 Lm (High), 2.5 Lm (Low)

Charge Time: 2.5 hrs by 5V/2A micro USB

Lighting Modes:

Cool white

Warm white

Single colour


Single Side Light

Candle Flicker

1-Color Cycle

Multicolour Party

Stanley Aerolight IceFlow Bottle 0.6l

What you cannot get from an image – online, in a catalogue or magazine – is the way a product feels in your hand. Stanley excels at making a physical connection with durability and performance. Its products feel reassuringly ‘right’ and built to last.

A reliable water bottle has become an everyday essential, whether exercising, travelling, enjoying outdoor adventures or at work. Resting comfortably and securely in the hand – the non-slip feel of the coating is welcome the 0.6l model with the Fast Flow Lid is ideal.

With its super-insulated, lightweight, innovative design, the AEROLIGHT ICEFLOW BOTTLE builds on the success of the IceFlow Flip Straw Tumbler and the AeroLight Transit Mug for quick and easy hydration.

The leakproof, angled Fast Flow Lid is designed for easy pouring, drinking and cleaning. It was easy to simply snap the cap into the handle’s integrated holder while drinking to avoid the frustration of dropping or misplacing.

Made with recycled 18/8 stainless steel, it’s AeroLight Featherweight Technology means its 33% lighter than standard stainless steel drinkware. Plus, its Double-Wall Vacuum Insulation keeps contents cold for up to 8 hours; adding ice is easy through the wide mouth.

With the outdoor industries’ promotion of durability as a key factor in sustainable business, Stanley’s heirloom status is unrivalled.

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