Evolved by Nature, Perfected by Páramo, Loved by Outdoor Enthusiasts

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Evolved by Nature, Perfected by Páramo, Loved by Outdoor Enthusiasts

With so many new faces in the outdoor industry, the PÁRAMO team spent time at the UK’s Outdoor Trade Show last month explaining and demonstrating how the unique Analogy non-membrane fabric, developed by NIKWAX®, works and the benefits to both user and the environment. It’s so easy for brands to focus on new designs, features and colours, ignoring the basics or assuming everybody knows them so top marks to the Páramo team.

In short, Analogy fabric mimics the action of mammal fur, a 210 million year-old waterproof system that is indisputably effective and reliable. Basing fabric technology on how mammal fur performs was the brainchild of Páramo founder the legendary Nick Brown over 30 years ago.

Since then, this ground-breaking textile innovation has been used by the talented seamstresses at CREACIONES MIQUELINA in Bogotá, Colombia to create award-winning waterproof garments that are designed to last a lifetime.

The instantly recognisable badge, sewn on to the arms of ethically manufactured Páramo waterproof garments, was a refreshing talking point at the Outdoor Trade Show.

The PFC-free Nikwax Analogy® Waterproof System Páramo uses was the first of its kind and introduced a whole new concept of waterproof clothing to the international stage. Páramo was the first outdoor company to join the Greenpeace Detox commitment in 2016, eliminating PFC treatments from the entire product range.

The system mimics the way that furry mammals keep warm and dry but without the weight and bulk of mammal fleece. Like mammal fur, Analogy fabric is directional, forcing moisture away from the wearer, pushing out condensation (liquid water) and moisture vapour.

It manages condensation much better than membrane systems and is the preferred waterproof system of professionals including Mountain Rescue teams and Arctic explorers as well as outdoor enthusiasts.

Men’s Halkon Jacket

Páramo waterproof garments such as the Alta III and Halkon® Jackets, Velez Adventure Smock and Cascada II Trousers are made up using a two-layer, non-membrane construction that traps still air to keep the user warm.  The two layers are:

  • The Pump Liner which pushes moisture outwards by transferring liquid water from one side of the fabric to the other to protect from sweat and condensation. 
  • A closely woven, windproof (developed by Nikwax) microfibre hydrophobic outer which offers durable water repellency.  This water repellency can be easily renewed to last the lifetime of the garment using Nikwax PFC-free aftercare products. 

The pump liner isn’t bonded to the face fabric enabling an air gap between the two materials to provide insulation whilst maintaining breathability.  

Membrane vs non-membrane

Unlike waterproof breathable membranes that are laminated to face fabric, Páramo’s waterproof garments work in a unique way without recourse to laminates, membranes or taped seams. As a result, there are no elements to break down or fail over time.  Additionally, the repairability of Páramo’s garments mean they outlive conventional waterproofs making them a truly sustainable choice.

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