Enjoy Open Air Dining With A Light My Fire Outdoor MealKit

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Enjoy Open Air Dining With A Light My Fire Outdoor MealKit

Light My Fire’s eight-piece OUTDOOR MEALKIT includes everything needed to prepare and enjoy meals in the open air. All of the items are designed to fit together in a compact and lightweight package for easy transport, ideal for camping and van life, travel, picnics in the park or alfresco meals at home.

Pieces in the Outdoor MealKit include a storage container, a cutting board/strainer, plate and bowl, and the iconic Light My Fire Spork in original and small sizes. The kit also contains a Swedish kåsa, which has multiple uses as a measuring jug, mug or bowl.

Light My Fire has paid careful attention to the design, with details such as measuring lines, holders for the sporks, and curved bowl bases that match the spoon end of the spork for frustration-free dining. The eight pieces all stack and can be held together with a strap-harness for easy storage and transport.

Each item in the Light My Fire Outdoor MealKit is made from 100% BPA-free biobased plastic that is microwave and dishwasher safe. Ecozen is a biomass-based transparent copolyester with high heat resistance, produced from European GMO-free corn starch.

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