EDZ Offers Boiled Merino Wool Gloves and Mittens

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EDZ Offers Boiled Merino Wool Gloves and Mittens

Founded in 1995, British clothing brand, EDZ, specialising in ethically sourced merino wool activewear and accessories, has added Boiled Merino Wool Gloves and Mittens to its range.

Made from 100% wool, the gloves and mittens are at first created as large, oversized items before being shrunk down to size after being washed in very hot water. This process makes the wool much denser, resulting in improved wind resistance, insulation and overall performance.

Traditionally worn by skiers and alpinists before being replaced by modern gloves, boiled wool gloves have a long history, and are still issued to the Austrian Army today. Available in sizes S, M, L and XL, the gloves and mittens are unisex with a shape that follows the profile of a hand to achieve a much better fit than traditional knitted gloves and mittens.

MD James Tilleard said, “EDZ has wanted to add boiled wool gloves to the range for a number of years, and, now we have, I couldn’t be happier with the result. Judging from the initial customer feedback we have received, the gloves and mittens tick all the boxes for quality, performance and price, and will be a very popular addition to the EDZ range.”

EDZ has also launched matching knitted hats to go with the gloves – the Solway Beanie and the Cable Knit Pompom Hat.

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