Beat Biting Beasties With Bug Barrier Clothing From Royal Robbins

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Beat Biting Beasties With Bug Barrier Clothing From Royal Robbins

Part of the Fenix group that also owns ROYAL ROBBINS, UK outdoor retailer TREKITT offers an extensive range of the iconic US brand’s outdoor lifestyle apparel. An effective shield from biting insects, its Bug Barrier™ clothing is perfect for tackling hot conditions and mosquito misery.

The Bug Barrier collection uses Insect Shield® technology which is bonded to the fabric. This prevents insects, such as mosquitoes and ticks, from reaching the wearer’s skin while maintaining fabric qualities like comfort and functionality. The range comprises an extensive collection of clothing, for men and women, from top to toe (hats, shirts, tees, trousers and socks). 

Royal Robbins Men’s Bug Barrier Round Trip Hoody

Lorna Preston, marketing manager at Trekitt, said, “Not all insects bite through clothes like mosquitoes and ticks do. Whilst mosquitoes can sear through clothing with their syringe-like-bite, midges for example, can’t bite through clothing.  In these cases, just covering up exposed areas will protect you.”

If you don’t want to buy new clothes, Trekitt recommends the following to keep your skin bite-free:

  • Don’t go skin-tight:  Avoid thin or tight-fitting fabrics
  • Avoid bright colours: Wear colours that mosquitoes avoid like white, blue, green and purple.  Avoid anything that is vaguely blood coloured – like cyan, orange or red.
  • Fume them out:  Bugs tend to turn their noses up at heady scents such as citronella, clove, lavender, peppermint, lemongrass or rosemary.

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