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Helping you to keep your finger on the pulse of the evolving global outdoor industries, Outdoor i is the most reliable source of information and analysis

For over 20 years, Outdoor i has been the outdoor industries’ leading source of quality business intelligence, news, surveys, statistics and market trends. 

Built on accurate reporting and investigation, Outdoor i delivers insight you can rely on with confidence. 

Published 25+ times a year (roughly twice a month with additional issues as appropriate) and delivered to you in PDF format, it adds crucial dimensions to effective business strategies. 

Each issue includes: 

  • Concise news regarding company/brand acquisitions and mergers, financial reports and analysis, company marketing strategies, appointments and personnel changes.
  • Meticulous analysis, observation and comment on all aspects of the outdoor trade.
  • Surveys and statistical analysis that offer hard, accurate data from both trade and retail perspective. 

We value our reputation for independence and integrity and pride ourselves on rigorous reporting as its character and influence are the cornerstones of our success and growth. 

Offering unbiased commentary based on fact not rumour or speculation, our key commodity is trust

Future issues will continue to explore the size, direction and evolution of our industries. 

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